Museums in Iceland

MIceland is a wonderful place for a vacation. It not on has an amazing landscape, but you will even be mesmerized by the weather. But what about the cultural side of Iceland? Most of the travelers visit Iceland to admiring its beauty. On the other hand, several travel agencies promote how enchanting this part of the world is.

But have you ever given a thought about its cultural and historical sights? Every country has its history, and Iceland is not an exception as well. Rather than having beautiful sights, there are even museums where you can spend a reasonable amount of time in is sumptuous land.

The most famous museums are located in Reykjavik and in order to visit all the famous museums you can start your itinerary from this spot. Exclusive Travel is a tour and travel website that offers customized itineraries. You visit their official website and plan your Iceland itinerary according to your preferences.

Moving on to the museums, Viking Saga Museum is a famous place in Iceland. It is a wax figure, and you will find all the Viking heroes in this place. This museum is a great place for any age group. 

If you are on your journey with your kids, then they will surely love it. Moreover, there is even a section in these museums where you can dress up like the Vikings.

The Settlement Exhibition is yet another place where you can discover the history of Iceland. This museum takes back you to the Viking Age. The entrance of the museum is so extravagant that it will make you feel as if you are walking in the footsteps of Viking who were alive back in 930 and 1000 AD. 

There are even sections in this museum where you can learn many facts about the Viking and the way they lived in this territory.

The National Museum of Iceland is another fascinating place where you can take your kids. It is the perfect place where you can learn about the Icelandic life through centuries. You will find everything here, starting from Icelandic religions, belief, culture, farming, costume and the height of development it has reached now. There are even audio displays fascinating facts and stories about Iceland’s culture and history.

The Culture House is a popular museum where there are cultural artifacts. There are even many exhibitions held in this museum from time to time. You can check out the timings of the exhibitions and visit Iceland during that time of the year. 

This is one of the museums that have the most elegant building. However, the cultural house not only hosts exhibitions, but it is even the home to many important events in Iceland.

You can either visit these museums by hiring a fleet from Exclusive Travels or even take a guide. Moreover, Exclusive Travel even offers professional photographer who can capture every memory of yours in Iceland. These photographers and even wonderful guides as well.