Diamond Beach in Iceland

Diamond Beach in Iceland

Once you have enjoyed your time in the Glacier Lagoon, now is the time to head towards the Diamond Beach. The name might sound very interesting, but the place is more vivid that you think. Iceland is a wonderful natural environment. It is in this particular part of the world where you will find violence and beauty of nature in the same line.  

There are lava fields, volcanic craters, and huge ice caves. Apparently, the icebergs and glaciers are true reminders of what the exists underneath the water. After the Glacier Lagoon, Diamond Beach is the perfect place where you can find a fantastic view of nature.

Diamond Beach is located next to the Glacier Lagoon. But you can easily miss the view of this beach if you are not paying proper attention. This spot in Iceland is a less-visited landmark as it is near the glacier lagoon and people tend to head towards the next faraway destinations.

Diamond Beach is one amid those places that you should not miss visiting while you are in Iceland. However, the most intriguing part about this beach is that its view keeps on changing depending on the weather. Icebergs place a major role in the beauty and serenity of Diamond Beach.

This sumptuous beach is 235 miles away from Reykjavik. Therefore, you will surely require a car to reach there. It approximately takes 5 hours to reach the destination. However, to make your journey easy and comfortable Exclusive Travel offers luxuries fleets. You can either head towards your desired destination along with a guide or even be one of our cars.

By the mane of the beach, you might assume that it might be a pure white beach. Whereas, you are wrong in this aspect. Diamond Beach has black sand, and it is due to the presence of lava and volcanic craters. The bits and pieces of icebergs and glaciers give the illusion of diamonds. Hence, this is the main reason behind its name.

If you are in search of a perfect time to head towards the Diamond Beach, then sunset in the perfect time of all. You will find several tourists wandering in different parts of the beach with their cameras to gain a perfect shot. If you are one amid those people who love to capture your memories, then we have a solution for you.

Exclusive travel even offers professional photographers who will click the best picture for you. They will help you in storing your memories forever in the form of photographs. On the other hand, these photographers are even excellent guides as well.

Diamond Beach is one of the most tranquil places in Iceland. If you are in search of peace in your itinerary, then you should not miss visiting this place. It might not be one of the most attractive places, but it is surely among those sites where you will find yourself.