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Iceland is the land of Geothermal water, and today we have multiple options, each different from the next, with their own story and geological specifications.

Since the age of the Vikings, our culture has been deeply linked with bathing in warm pools, and Icelanders seek to use the benefits of the warm water on a regular basis.

Join us on a private voyage around Iceland where you will be immersed into a deep sense of wellness, every day relaxing and unwinding in a warm bath, ranging from nature baths like the famous Blue Lagoon or the Mývatn nature baths to Beer baths or the beautifully located Geo Sea in Húsavík.

This 8 – 9 day tour is designed so that you will not only depart on a voyage that is nurturing your mind and body, but also your private driver-guide will take you to see some of the most beautiful sites along the trip around the island.

The healing powers of nature and geothermal pools are a powerful combination, and for those who are eager to push it a little further, we will add some hiking on gorgeous trails along the way.

This tour, like all of our tours, will be tailored to your personal preferences. We will choose the Spas and Geothermal baths with you as well as the hotels to fit your taste and usual level of luxury and comfort.

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