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Terms & Conditions

License and guarantee

Exclusive Travel  is a registered company with the Icelandic Tourist Board,  licence number 2018-043.  We uphold a bankruptcy guarantee as required by Icelandic law.  Contingency plan is outlined HERE.


The Buyer agrees to these Terms and conditions of Exclusive Travel when a customised travel plan has been created for the buyer but the contract becomes legally binding only when the first payment is arranged and an invoice issued for all services listed in your itinerary/package. 

The client shall on, or preferably before the first payment, receive the sum of total cost for the package, including VAT,, detailed information on all services of their package (f.ex. Quality of accommodation, If activities are private or in small groups, what equipment is provided for that activity, any expertise the client needs to have, which licenses the client needs to carry etc.) and any relevant information needed on inclusives, arrangements, coordination, locations etc. as necessary.  


Exclusive Travel requires a 30% deposit at the time of booking.  Full payment is requested 30 days before the starting date of your tour.  If your booking is placed within the 30 days period then full payment is required to validate your booking. Bookings that cost less than 1 million ISK shall be paid in full at the time of booking.   

Money / Payment 

All packages will be quoted and paid by a bank transfer in Icelandic Króna or via PayPal.  The amount on your offer in Icelandic currency may be matched in other currencies with your bank who will arrange the exchange and the payment in ISK.  So USD, GBP and Euros are normally accepted on your end as well as other types of currency.  

Any possible additional banking cost will be your responsibility.  Any flux in exchange rate before your first and second payment is at your own risk or gain.  Exclusive Travel provides prices/offers in ISK and does not change the price of the package due to exchange fluctuation and we reserve the right to adjust pricing due to increase of cost that is beyond our control.  Any misconception of the pricing while you translate into your currency does not give you the right to receive any refund nor withhold payments.

Cancellation by client  

A cancellation made by the client is only valid from the date of a written cancellation request.  The client shall be liable for the following charges : 

  • Cancellation date more than 45 days prior to arrival shall result in 15% loss of total cost of services.
  • Cancellation between 45 and 15 days prior to arrival shall result in the loss of 50% of total cost of services.
  • Cancellation date less than 15 days prior to arrival shall result in 100% loss of cost of services. 

In any case where our suppliers terms are more rigorous than ours then their cancellation terms shall be the ones to adhere to.   

Travel insurances

Exclusive Travel does not offer personal travel insurance included in the contracts but will provide any relevant documentation and support for an insurance claim should your insurance cover the rupture of your travel plans and cost related.  We HIGHLY recommend that you make sure your travel and luggage insurances are in order before placing a booking.

We carry insolvency insurance and coverage for our business as required by law. 

Visas and passports

Iceland is a member state of Schengen and HERE you can find lists of countries whose citizens need to obtain a visa for travel to Iceland as well as other information about travel documents needed to enter Iceland.  Also you can find a list of countries who do not need a visa, including Canada and The USA.  We will assist you with any information required for your travel but it is your responsibility to obtain any necessary documents or visas in time for your travel dates.

Booking guarantee 

All our tours are tailored to your personal likings and requests.  During the time of the creation of your itinerary and until it is confirmed with a financial commitment, all bookings are subject to availability.  Before any deposits are made, all services will be booked and secured as per your detailed offer.

Booking errors 

If any errors occur in your bookings then we are responsible for that whether it is a fault made by our staff or our systems.  We are not responsible for booking errors if they occur due to lack of or misinformation from you.  If the fault is due to uncontrollable or unavoidable circumstances then we are not responsible for errors in your bookings. 

Client changes of contract prior to arrival 

Any changes of services between the booking confirmation / depositing and the arrival of the client, due to a request from the client, shall be arranged if possible and any additional cost will be paid by the client before arrival.  Requests for such changes shall be made in writing by the person who made the booking and will be dealt with as soon as possible.  Results are subject to booking situations with suppliers and general demand at the time of the change being made.  If the changes are not possible and you decide to cancel your services then our “cancellation by client” section applies.    

Client changes of contract during the trip

Any changes requested by the client during the trip will be handled as soon as possible and with regard to the request, booking situation and conditions at the time.  All requests shall be made in writing/email by the client.  Any additional cost generated by these ad hoc changes befalls the client.   Excessive overtime that may be necessary due to short notice changes, can be calculated into added cost among other elements.  In such cases Exclusive Travel will only ask for an appropriate payment based on actual cost. 

Exclusive Travel is not liable to refund unused services, should the client choose not to do some activities or tours during their trip that are included in the contract. 

Changes made by Exclusive Travel prior to your arrival

Exclusive Travel reserves the right to make minor changes to your contract should any circumstances demand that.  We will notify you immediately and propose the best solution or replacement available.  

If significant changes to the outline of your itinerary are necessary due to unforeseeable reasons we will notify you without delay.  We may either offer you to move your travel arrangements to a later date but if that is not possible on your end then we can also offer you a substitute package that may be adjusted to possible dates.  

Should that package be of lower quality or cost due for example to fewer days travelled with us then we will adjust the pricing accordingly.  If changes to your contract constitute what is considered significant changes or constitute a significant augmentation of cost (more than 8% increase of total cost) then you are also entitled to choose to cancel your trip.  

Should you use your right, due to significant changes, to terminate the contract with us all together then you can do so without any penalties to the cost of your travel package.  Your refund for all travel arrangements will be made within 14 days from notification of cancellation. 

Changes made by Exclusive Travel during your trip

The Icelandic weather changes very quickly and is the main reason why tours and activities need to be moved or changed.  Your guide will be constantly monitoring this factor and will keep you informed should any changes need to be made for your safety or experience due to either ongoing weather problems or if forecasts predict them.  Your guide in collaboration with the back office will then provide alternative options / Plan B in order to keep the flow of your trip uninterrupted or propose new timing of that activity/tour if possible.  

Exclusive Travel is highly concerned about our client’s safety and overall contentment and we rely on our experts in each area to provide accurate and reliable information and reserve the right to adjust tours or activities when deemed necessary.   

In case of unavoidable and unforeseen events / force majeure Exclusive Travel is not liable for damages or amends.  But we will do our very best to assist you in such cases.


Exclusive Travel can not be made responsible if you are unable to participate in some of the tours or activities due to any physical restrictions.  Please provide any relevant information that may be necessary for us to create and perform the perfect program for your condition, should that be necessary.  

In case of any allergies or specific food needs, please notify us while tailoring your program so we can arrange the food plan or propose restaurants to accommodate that.  

Assistance in case of health problems 

In case of an unforeseen health emergency or need of a doctor Exclusive Travel will assist you in getting in touch with the appropriate doctor or hospital as soon as possible and provide transfer as needed.  If there is a significant cost that derives from a case where assistance is needed then we are allowed to charge an amount that is in accordance with that cost.  

Any cost for health assistance in Iceland is not the responsibility of Exclusive Travel. 

Should you contract covid19 virus during your stay, Icelandic authorities have the right to quarantine you and that is out of our control.  Exclusive Travel does not have any say against any actions required to contain the spread of the virus nor covers any costs.  

Personal information and privacy

Exclusive Travel respects and does not collect any personal information from our clients unless it is voluntarily offered in order to better tailor your trip.  All information that you provide us with will solely be used to make sure that the people and suppliers that are providing service to you may do so perfectly.  No information is provided to any third party that is not involved with your tour or services needed to complete your package.  

We operate under the national data protection law that controls the use and protection of data.   Should you submit your credit card information to Exclusive Travel then it will only be used in order to pay for additional services requested by you or changes of services requested by you that entail more cost than originally quoted in your contract.   

Liability of Exclusive Travel to clients

We are liable to provide services as promised in our contracts and make any amends for those services, should you have the right to compensation.  

If you, during your stay, find that there is any lack of quality / conformity in the performance of your package versus what is listed in your contract, you need to notify us without any delay so that we may either offer you a solution or compensation should our solutions not be acceptable.  The cost of such remedy can not be disproportionate but all effort will be made to provide equally good or better services instead of the lacking ones.  

If we are not able to perform a significant portion of your trip while you are touring with us then we will offer an alternative program, given that you would accept such a program.  Should that program be of lower quality, an appropriate price reduction will be offered.  If we are unable to provide an alternative program or our substitutes are unacceptable then you are entitled to a price reduction taking into account the lost portion of the trip and the effect on the whole arrangement.  

You are allowed to reject the alternative arrangements we offer, only if it is of lesser quality then the original package.

Where lack of conformity is the result of your actions, of a third party unrelated to your trip or extraordinary and unavoidable circumstances then you are not entitled to compensation.   

Hotel in case of rupture of contract

In the case where a client uses his right to terminate a contract but can by no means return to his home then Exclusive Travel must pay for up to three nights of accommodation of similar quality for the client. 

In case of pregnant women, children traveling on their own, handicapped or disabled persons and their assistants, the three day restriction does not apply if Exclusive Travel has been informed about their condition 48 hours before start of services.  

If extraordinary and unforeseeable conditions prevent you from returning home then Exclusive Travel is not obligated to pay for the accommodation.  Those conditions could include as examples acts of terror, weather, volcanic eruptions, political crises, pandemics etc. 

Name changes

You have a right to change the name on the contract with a 7 day written notice, should you not be able to use your travel arrangements with us.  Any additional cost that comes from such a change falls on you.  You and the person that will use your contract are jointly responsible for the financial obligations to Exclusive Travel.  It is also your duty to inform of any physical problems that could prevent the new party to fully enjoy and participate in every aspect of all components in the contract. We try to provide minor changes to meet the needs of the new party as much as possible, depending on availability.  The new party is STRONGLY advised to read the terms and conditions before entering the contract.  

In regard to name changes, Exclusive Travel does not accept minors under 18 years old traveling alone since in Iceland they are not able to make legally binding contracts. 


Any disputes will be resolved in the Icelandic court of law.  


Exclusive Travel does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of this site.  Our terms and conditions are subject to Icelandic Act on Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements no 95 from 2018.