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Our best-selling winter tour combines an incredible variety of landscapes with a private northern lights hunt

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Day One

We explore the Golden Circle on the first day, where you find the three main attractions starting with Þingvellir UNESCO World Heritage-listed site for cultural and geological reasons. In this place, it is evident that you are standing in a fault line with massive fissures in the crust of the earth that, among others, form the pathway that you walk down called the Almannagjá. Here the Vikings got together during summer and settled their affairs, and the laws would be spoken.

The second stop of the day is the famous area of Geysir hot spring which has been calm for years but close by is his little brother Strokkur that spouts up hot water every 5-8 minutes, and it is quite the spectacle to watch.

The third stop is the massive two-level waterfall of Gullfoss or the golden waterfall. It was nearly destroyed at the beginning of the last century, but luckily a local woman would not stop fighting to save the waterfall that she cared so much about.

Day Two

Today we discover the dramatic landscapes of the South Coast. With the Atlantic Ocean on the one hand and the glaciers, volcanos, and highlands on the other, the variety in the landscapes are never-ending. Many of these sites have been used as a filming location due to their natural beauty, such as the Skógarfoss waterfall, The Seljalandsfoss waterfall, The Black Sand Beach of Reynisfjara, where you find the massive basalt columns forming caves and huge walls of grey hexagonal pillars. Dyrhólaey promontory and viewpoint are also on the list if conditions allow.

Black sand beach Iceland

Day Three

The kingdom of the Vatnajökull glacier is your playground today. This massive glacier cap is the third largest glacier in Europe and covers 7700 km2. One can only fathom the magnitude of it until you get up close and personal with it. The Glacier Lagoon and the Diamond beach are some of the most popular sites in Iceland, and for a good reason. The Breiðamerkurjökull outlet glacier creates a spectacular backdrop for the astounding spectacle of huge icebergs calmly floating around in the icy water. Ever so often, one tip over, and that is a sight to see. The diamond beach is close by, and there you find smaller icebergs scattered over the black sand like somebody’s lost jewels or diamonds glittering in the winter sun. Then we drive back to Reykjavík, and perhaps we make one or two stops along the way to stretch our legs and get food. All, of course, based on weather and conditions.

Timing / to be decided

From the moment you land until we drop you off at your hotel, we will be looking at a combination of forecasts in order to catch the northern lights when the best conditions present themselves. We keep you informed and let you know when you can expect to go with your private guide and vehicle, and the usual duration of this activity is from two to three hours at the most.

Customization of tours

Private airport transfers are available with this tour, as well as many interesting activities, ranging from relaxing geothermal baths to exciting helicopter tours. Also, popular options for fun are ATV tours, Snowmobile rides on glaciers, Horse rides, Ice caving tours, and glacier hikes, to name a few.

Our careful selection of hotels and private villas along the way ensure that you will get the perfect accommodation matching your taste and requirements of service and luxury.

Northern Lights in Iceland
Black sand beach Iceland
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