Iceland Complete In a Luxury

Iceland, an island that falls in the bucket list of every traveler. It is a place that woos travel lovers, and its dazzling beauty attracts millions of travelers every year. This underpopulated island is famous for its beautiful landscape and Nordic nirvana. On the other hand, people long to visit this sumptuous island for experiencing wonderful northern lights.

In order to make your personal experiences more profound, we have arranged an amazing itinerary for you. We know how important a trip is for a traveler and we also understand the importance of every moment that you decide to stay there. Hence, to make your experience more interesting, we have come up with an itinerary that will provide you the complete essence of Iceland in just a week.

Land Rover Discovery

In the very first day, you will be picked up from the airport and will be taken to the Blue Lagoon. We will be providing you the best transportation so that you have a comfortable drive. You can relax in the Blue Lagoon for two to three hour.
You will stay at The Retreat Hotel in Blue Lagoon. There you will have a pleasant stay at the hotel is equipped with modern amenities.

The second day of your itinerary will take you through the Golden Circle and secret lagoon. The day will start with an amazing drive to the Thingvellir. It is a national park in Iceland, and it even has the ruins of the World’s Oldest Parliament. Since 2004 Thingvellir is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
You will be amazed while you walk through the entrance of this park as you will witness the Almannagja gorge. The most fascinating part about this is the tectonic plates which are responsible for pushing two continents apart from each other. After exploring the tectonic plate, we will move to the thermal landscape which is around iconic Geysir.
There you can find hot springs and waterfalls. We will then proceed towards Gullfoss after spending 30 minutes in Geysir. Gullfoss is one of Europe’s most powerful waterfalls. Moreover, you can have your lunch at Fridheimar Geo Greenhouse.
It is an ideal place to have a delicious lunch. We will then head towards the hotel during the late afternoon, and during the evening you can witness the sumptuous Northern Lights from Hotel Skalakot.
In the third day of the journey, we have accumulated for you the south coast, glacier, and volcanoes. It not only ends here, but you can also even witness the impressive Seljalandsfoss waterfall. From that particular location, you can then take a snowmobile tour at 10 am.
During the afternoon of that splendid day, you can have lunch at a small cozy restaurant and then stop at Vik. It is a small village in Iceland where you can find Icelandic Wool sweaters. But the most interesting part of the whole day will sure the Reynisfjara trip.

Travel Iceland With Photographer

In Reynisfjara you will witness the black volcano beaches with beautiful lava columns. You will have a wonderful change to drive through the largest lava fields in the world. Moreover, if you are a photography lover and want some pictures for your social media account, then the ideal place is Skaftafell and Svinafellsjokull glacier. Later in the evening, we will head towards the Hotel Glacier Lagoon to see the Northern Lights and even spend the night there.

In the fourth day, we will start the itinerary with a good breakfast and then proceed towards Egilsstadir. The first activity of the day will be an Ice cave tour through the Vatnajökull glacier. After this beautiful early morning tour, we will drive through many Fjord and small Icelandic villages.
This will surely be a spectacular tour because you will not only be accompanied by beautiful scenery whereas; you will even witness the beautiful sight of Europe’s largest glacier. Then you can stay the night at Icelandair Hotel Herad.
The fifth day of the itinerary will take you to the next level of beauty. We will firstly start by a short drive to the Myvatnsveit. In this location, you will find bubbling mud, volcanic craters, new lava fields, and the beautiful sight of Lake Myvatn. It is one of the most beautiful places in Iceland. You can even find different spices of ducks in this region.
To the east of the lake is the Dimmuborgir, where you will find lava pillars. Some of these pillars reach a height of 65 feet. On the other hand, to the north of the lake is Hverfjall. It is a smooth land which was formed during the volcanic eruption 2500 years ago. This exciting and magical journey does not end here as you can spend a good evening time in Viti.
Myvatnsveit is an excellent and surreal place and due to this reason, we have elongated the trip to Myvatnsveit for two day so that the traveler can gain the complete essence of the place. Moreover, the day ends at Icelandair Hotel Myvatn.

We have arranged a dog sledding tour for our guest on the sixth day of the itinerary. This tour starts at sharp 10 AM. Soon after the adventurous dog sledding tour, we will head towards Akureyri where you will spend the night. On your way to Akureyri, you will witness the spectacular Godafoss; it is a picture perfect location.
You can surely spend some time taking some amazing picture there. You will reach Akureyri by the mid-afternoon and then spend relishing time roaming around the capital of the north. Gradually you will end your sixth day at the Deplar Farm Hotel.

The seventh day of the itinerary marks the ending of the whole tour. On this day you will head towards Reykjavik from Deplar Farm Hotel in north Iceland. But before leaving, you can take a sight tour by yourself around the hotel. Our fleet will reach Reykjavik by afternoon, and then you can spend your time at the Sand Hotel downtown Reykjavik.

Harpa Concert Hall Reykjavik Iceland

The eight-day marks the ending of the itinerary. Our fleet will drop you to the airport. We have exclusively chosen every destination for you so that you can get the complete essence of Iceland in a week. Iceland has a beautiful ambiance and traveler who explored this land will always long for a return trip.