Geysir Geothermal Spring

If you are in Iceland and you have skipped the Geysir Geothermal Spring then be sure that you have lost something really great. You might have encountered many springs in a different region of the world, but this spring in Iceland is amazing and unique from the others.

The Geysir hot spring is the part of the geothermal field that is located in the south of Iceland. It is pretty close to the Kjalvegur road that leads to the highway. Interestingly this hot spring has been active for the last 10,000 years. Though the local people state that this spring is active for such a long time, but the geyser was first mentioned in literature in the year 1294.
Millions of people head towards this beautiful hot spring every year. Whereas, this spring was among the unknown things. The Western World came to know about this rare beauty after the 19th century.
It is said that the formation of the Geysir is due to earthquakes. There were enormous earthquakes that led to the formation of this spring. The most interesting fact about Geysir is that it was not until 1630, the geyser erupted.
The eruption was so powerful that the surrounding ground shook tremendously. Few decades after the eruption this hot spring started to gain popularity. Moreover, this is the reason behind its mentioning in the literature.


You will find Geysir rarely active these days, but there are many other hot springs in the Haukadalur Valley. One of the most powerful springs is Strokkur. It is the most famous hot spring, and it shoots from 20 meters to 40 meters.
If you think that you will lose the spectacular view of the eruption if you don’t go at the right time, then you are wrong. This spring erupts every five to ten minutes. All you need to do is stand there and take a beautiful picture at the right time.
Although Geysir is much larger than Strokkur many years have passed, and it has not erupted still. It is in the inactive phrase for years now. But whenever it erupts, the hot water shoots up to 70 meters. If the inactive phrase does not disappoint the visitors as they head towards the hot spring in order to witness the magnificent beauty.
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