Best Hotels to Stay in Iceland

Apotek Hotel Iceland

Iceland is a country with a varied landscape, natural wonders, and rated as one of the world’s best travel destination. Millions of tourists travel to Island to marvel around the natural wonders as there are so many. Starting from the Northern Lights to fjords, from hot springs to the natural spa, the bucket list of attractions is long and they are unique. When you visit a country with so many natural wonders, it is important you find nice places to stay. Reykjavík, the largest and capital city of Iceland, has many luxury and boutique hotels. Few of them are also conveniently located near to the top attractions. If you are visiting Iceland for the first time and wondering where to stay, take a look at Exclusive Travel recommended hotel list. These hotels are recommended by Exclusive Travel as they are best in terms of amenities, locations, and exceptional hospitality. Let us get more detailed information about these hotels.
Best Hotels to stay in Island

Konsulat Hotel Reykjavik
Konsulat Hotel is one of the best choices to stay in the city of Reykjavik. This beautiful hotel is located at a convenient walking distance from all the major attractions and bus stop in Reykjavik. The hotel has comfortable, clean, and stylish rooms with a balcony in each room. It is also equipped with all modern amenities like a private bathroom, flat-screen TV with satellite channels. Moreover, you get exceptional room service, free breakfast, and Wi-Fi to enhance your staying experience in the hotel.

Sand Hotel Reykjavík
Sand Hotel already received a certificate of excellence for its stunning location and exceptional hospitability service. This is a boutique hotel with beautiful rooms from deluxe to suite rooms, each furnished with all modern amenities. There are many restaurants, bars, cafes surrounding the hotel for you to visit and understand Reykjavík’s vibrant culture. The hotel is also near the major tourist’s attractions, and some of them are at a walking distance. Staying in this hotel gives a unique experience.

Apotek Hotel Reykjavík
Apotek Hotel is a charming four-star property located in the heart of the beautiful city of Reykjavik. The property has around 45-bedrooms equipped with all modern amenities. The double deluxe rooms give a view of the city with a spa and wellness centre access for a super-luxury staying experience. Moreover, all important landmarks, shopping, and restaurants are at walking distance from the hotel.

Hotel Borg Reykjavík
Hotel Borg is a nice property with around 99 Art Deco-style rooms and located in the heart of Reykjavík. The hotel offers all luxurious facilities like a sauna, steam bath, hot pool, and a fully equipped gym. You also get relaxing massage therapy on prior appointment. Access to high-speed Wi-Fi is free throughout your stay.

Black Pearl Reykjavík
Black Pearl is actually a hotel apartment and a popular place to stay in Reykjavík. The guest rooms are equipped with king-size bedding, toiletries, and all modern amenities. Popular landmarks, shops, and restaurant are at a walking distance from the hotel. Wi-Fi is free and helps you to stay connected with your families and friends during your stay.

Tower Suites Reykjavik
Tower Suites is relatively a new hotel and located at the highest viewpoint in Reykjavik. The hotel has eight suite rooms located on the 20th floor of an important building in the City. Each suite rooms offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the city and gives you a wonderful staying experience.

Skálakot is a gorgeous property with well-maintained rooms and friendly staffs. The property is located in a scenic location surrounded by open fields, mountains, and waterfalls. Black Sand Beach and Skogafoss Falls are near to this property where you can visit and marvel around the natural beauty.
Final Verdict
If you are visiting Iceland for the first time, stick this list of the best hotels for a comfortable and luxurious staying experience.

Best Hotels in Iceland
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