About Exclusive Travel

About Exclusive Travel

We all love traveling to the faraway lands. The most intriguing feeling while traveling is to know about the unknown lands. But every now and then we have definitely faced the problem of organizing a trip. It is very true that travels to Iceland are mesmerizing when it is planned. But what if you are a first-time traveler? Or what if you are heading towards an unknown territory? 


We do a lot of research before packing our bags for an itinerary. We roam around different websites, read tons of blogs and even ask random people about their trips to get an exact idea about what to expect. There is nothing wrong in it whereas, we have done this for years. 

Most of us travel to get out of our everyday cycle and to even be stress-free. It is not fair to take a plethora of tensions while you are on your journey to your dream destination. And we really understand that how important a trip is for you. 

Iceland is one of the most enchanting locations that people all around the globe love visiting. The beautiful aura of the northern lights, the phenomenon view of the blue lagoon and the ice covered lands are surely a paradise of many travelers. 


But it is sometimes really hard to plan a journey to Iceland. Moreover, we understand your concerns and this is the reason we are here to help you out. Exclusive Travel initiates in planning and organizing your dream tour. Exclusive Travels is all about creating a tour that gives you the freedom and flexibility that you need. 

With the help of it, you will no longer have to worry about where you are heading to and what you need to do. Moreover, each tour that we create is unique in its own sense. Our main motive is organizing your trips so that you can live your dreams. 

However, you do not have to worry about the organization as we have a group of travel experts to do that for you. They have traveled to many faraway lands and we even can even anticipate what a traveler expects to gain from an itinerary. 

Exclusive Travels will not only organize your tour but it will even provide you will all the facilities that are essential in making the tour a successful one. We provide you with our fleets, accommodations, and even professional photographers


In Exclusive Travel we intend to provide you private tour in luxurious vehicles. We understand the importance and privacy as well as comfort. We provide a range of different type of vehicles for you to travel from one place to another. To know more about our luxury cars detail, please check “Our Fleet” section. 



We know that you want to experience more than a conventional tour. And to fulfill your desire we have come forth with the idea of proving you the authentic insight of every destination in Iceland. Moreover, these things you will only experience with us. 

The internet will show you the glimpse of the locations that are commonly visited but Exclusive Travel will take you to marvelous locations that you will fail to find in the itineraries online. 

So, without any more ado provide us your specifications and we will do the magic by organizing an extraordinary tour for you that will be full of adventure and endless enjoyment. Enjoying a tour is a priceless experience and in Exclusive Travel, we aim in building your dream tours into reality. 

So, we will organize your trip and you start dreaming about making memories.